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We have relentless drive to serve others, to help women show up every day as their most authentic selves, to escape the trappings of perfection in exchange for a life of meaning and progress.

Maria Anderson

I believe passionately that everyone has the ability to lead a life that they desire. I believe we all have huge potential but for all kinds of reasons throughout life people lose that belief in themselves and before they know it, they are on the Hamster wheel of life peddling along, with no clear idea how to get off.

How do I know? I am a woman and have been there myself, but not anymore. After failing my exams as a teenager, I spent much of my life doubting my abilities and struggling with my own self-belief and self-worth. However, with the resources we provide inside the Arena Membership, I overcame my self- limiting beliefs and achieved my dream of writing a book and became a Sunday Times bestselling author.

I have had a long and varied career working all over the United Kingdom; for 31years I have cared for thousands of women when they were pregnant, birthing their baby and postnatally. I am a coach, a registered lecturer in education and a Leader in Improvement Science. Over the last few years I have successfully transformed many systems and team’s performance using Improvement Science which has impacted positively to save lives in healthcare across a huge NHS organisation.

Meeting Darrell over the last few years has been incredible, we are aligned with our values, share the same beliefs and are passionate about supporting everyday women to find their true potential. We want to give something back to women, by providing the opportunity to learn from over 40 years of experience to start getting sustained results, right now.

Maria Anderson

I consider myself to be an unwavering optimist; I believe wholeheartedly that our human potential is limitless and that each and every one of us are capable of becoming ANYONE that we wish to be. I have relentless drive to serve others, to help women show up every day as their most authentic selves, to escape the trappings of perfection in exchange for a life of meaning and progress.

My own desire to create the life that I deserve and desire stems from my passion to be the best example possible to my four year old daughter and the best wife possible to my incredible husband. I Have spent the last 10 years in a career that has filled me up as a person; As a senior nurse, a coach and a nationally recognised Leader of Improvement science I have developed a unique and transformational skill set, which when combined with my purpose and my passion for helping others improve has let to great success both personally and professionally.

My work over the last 3 years in my role as an improvement coach has led to 32% less harm across an entire health board and savings of (multiple) millions of pounds, as well as having a profound impact on the beliefs and performance of many teams and individuals. However, it’s only through developing my own self personally, using the knowledge and tools we share inside our membership programme that any of my other successes in life have been possible; such as developing unshakable self confidence, learning how to manage and overcome those sabotaging self limiting beliefs, Transforming my relationships to become so deeply connected that they are unbreakable, as well as over-coming years of yo yo dieting to finally lose 30lbs and getting my body in the best shape of my life.

I believe strongly that many people can understand things in life, but you can only truly enable others to move towards success when you KNOW it and you don’t know it if you’re not living it.

Darrell Sutherland

Darrell Sutherland

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