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If when thinking about your body image you’ve ever felt shame, guilt, inadequacy, or that your just not as good as others, you have most likely at some stage been a victim of unrealistic comparison.

10 years of Research shared by Dr Brene brown concluded that the biggest driver of shame for women is Body image.

This evidence is further supported by the fact that the second most searched 'how can I' in google is 'How can I lose weight?'.

In the Era of social media the pressure upon women to adhere to a certain body image has never been greater. We are flooded with seemingly 'perfect'’ women all over our Facebook and Instagram feeds.

This continues to create enormous and unnecessary pressure and pain for so many women which often leads to destructive behaviours such as gluttony (eating too much) or extreme dieting (eating too little), which has such a detrimental impact on our overall happiness and wellbeing.

Inside the Arena Membership we are providing women proven tools and techniques to beat your body demons once and for all, let go of shame, judgement and comparison in exchange for progress, high energy and emotional wellbeing; we will provide you with a roadmap for HOW to achieve your ideal body whilst maintaining balance (and your sanity), for sustainable success - (no quick fix faddy nonsense here!) Get started now by digging into some of our free content.

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