My Arena Coaching- Questions asked to Maria and Darrell

Who is My Arena Coaching for?

  1. Women who are ready to take action, are coachable and want to achieve results in their life.
  2. Business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches who want to take action, are coachable and want results for their business, their clients and the people that they serve.

At My Arena Coaching we offer:

  1. A monthly membership Club
  2. Group coaching
  3. 1:1 coaching service for individuals
  4. 1:1 coaching service for business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches
  5. Topic specific packages
  6. Short and longer term (2 -6 month) courses for business owners, entrepreneurs and coaches sharing our secrets on how to get results.

If you are serious and want to remove the pain from your life to get results, please get in touch with Maria and Darrell at myarenacoaching@gmail.com

How do I join My Arena Coaching membership club?

We open our membership doors every 2-3 months during the year. The doors opened in February 2019 and closed 1st March 2019. We do this so we can concentrate on working with the women within our membership to achieve their goals and get results.

The doors will open again in May 2019. If you would like to join our waiting list and be the first to hear about our news, updates please subscribe to our email list through the website, our social media sites on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Otherwise just contact us at myarenacoaching@gmail.com

Is there a waiting list to join My Arena Coaching?

Yes, please just contact us at myarenacoaching@gmail.com and simply ask to be added to our waiting list.

Can I join My Arena Coaching as a member and opt out of the Facebook group?

Yes, we can email you directly with the content. My Arena Coaching is committed to providing an experience that you feel comfortable with.

Can I join My Arena Coaching and be anonymous to the group?

Yes, the live monthly sessions we offer are delivered using Zoom. This way people are able to join the call, decide which name they wish to participate with. We endeavour to support each of our members. However, we would encourage people to come into the group as a lot of the learning will come from the other members and this experience.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can unsubscribe at any time or cancel your membership. You would need to cancel your subscription with your bank. If you did wish to cancel, we would value your feedback as we want to ensure our members have the best experience possible. Please get in touch with Maria or Darrell at myarenacoaching@gmail.com

Will my membership increase in price?

No. Once you have successfully purchased your membership at a price, you will be locked in at this price for the duration of your membership.

What if I have a question regarding the course content?

If you have a question regarding the course content please submit a question through the website or just email myarenacoaching@gmail.com and Maria or Darrell will be in touch as soon as possible.

What if one of the training videos is not working (stops playing, won’t load, etc.)?

First and foremost, we apologise for the inconvenience. Every once and awhile, a “glitch” may occur, please contact Maria or Darrell at myarenacoaching@gmail.com and we will be in contact to resolve this problem as soon as possible

How do I change or update my billing information?

If you need to change or update your billing information, please contact Maria and Darrell at myarenacoaching@gmail.com

Member Benefits

  • Apply proven strategies that mean that you will finally achieve that goal you’ve been promising yourself
  • World leading resources for creating instant, measurable and sustainable progress in your life
  • Access to our amazing community of women, all on their own improvement journey

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