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If you haven’t been able to achieve the life that you feel you deserve’re in the right place. Welcome to My Arena Coaching- home of “The Life Momentum Academy” , a place to learn, share, become inspired and most importantly take action towards creating boundaries in all areas of your life.


Welcome to This Amazing Community of Women

Well it is the almost through January 2020, a New Decade , full of resolutions that usually last a few days, perhaps a few weeks, nevertheless, once February arrives, there is no change.

It’s not really surprising really because reliance on will power will only take you so far February! So is that it, go back to the old ways, the New You already forgotten?

Last year was an incredible year for My Arena Coaching and the Launch of The Life Momentum Academy. This is an academy for women who are serious about taking action in their lives, change that will last a lifetime not until just February ! Working with women of all ages , the transformations are unbelievable, women who are all busy just like you.

What you need to do to move forward is often already within you, (or at least only a click away). The Life Momentum Academy is the roadmap for HOW you move forward. Coach you to get clarity on where you are and where you want to be, help you identify the challenges that have been sabotaging your efforts this far and help you step into progress by learning the formula for turning set backs into successes.

  • A strong mindset, free of negative beliefs

  • A healthy physical body, full of energy and vitality

  • Deeply connected, authentic relationships

  • An abundance of personal growth

All of this is possible when you have the right tools and support.

It truly does not matter where you are starting from- we will meet you right there.

So what have these incredible women done that is so different, let’s face it these women are getting results in their life that people are questioning and noticing the huge changes in each and everyone of them. Changes in their physical and mental wellbeing, 5 women embarking in new business’s, women securing University places, enjoying a life of Boundaries , Financial Freedom and an abundance of New possibilities. So what did they do?

In Less than 12 weeks as a member of The Life Momentum Academy they were courageous, asked themselves better questions, supported each other , showed up for group and 1: 1 Coaching. One of the key factors of their success was to look at their life through Life Buckets, recognise where they were at the beginning in terms of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Financial Health. They focused on Relationships, the types of relationships they had in their life, what kind of relationship did they have with their children? Did they enjoy their work?

What were their boundaries in every aspect of their life? How easy was it to say no to people, things, what were they tolerating? How did they feel about the direction of their life? as Eileen said “ I felt that my life was just chugging along and now I am cruising”

These incredible women got very clear on what they wanted out of life , they started to break patterns from generations and then started to be very clear on what they wanted for themselves and their families. As one boundary was put in place in an area of their life then the rest fell into place one after another, before they knew it , they had LIFE MOMENTUM..

My own journey started out with Darrell and during our own transformations, learning and growth , we are both following our passion with purpose, mine with The Life Momentum Academy and Darrell’s with her business coaching.

So, the time is here for you , to take an opportunity, the doors to The life Momentum Academy are opening again to welcome another group of women who are ready to Take Action in their lives and create boundaries towards Life Momentum .....

The Question is , will you be one of them?

The Places are Limited so if you are ready ,get in touch and secure your place right now!!!

In Love and Action

Maria xxx

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  • Apply proven strategies that mean that you will finally achieve that goal you’ve been promising yourself
  • World leading resources for creating instant, measurable and sustainable progress in your life
  • Access to our amazing community of women, all on their own improvement journey

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