The Life Momentum Academy

Life Momentum Academy- Your life design process- starts right now!

It's time to take your life back and create the boundaries that will transform your life and the life of your family.

The Life Momentum Academy - Single Payment


Life Momentum Academy. Single Payment.

The Life Momentum Academy - 6 Monthly Payments


Life Momentum Academy. 1st installment of 6 x monthly payments of £98.


The Life Momentum Academy - 10 Monthly Payments


Life Momentum Academy. 1st installment of 10 x monthly payments of £59.80.

Angela Westly:


"I had reached a point where something just wasn't right, I felt lost within myself'

'I've suffered anxiety for a long point in my life, 


..... I struggle to put into words how amazing this programme is...


"I've made huge changes in my life"

>I've changed my job, (I now love the role i'm in!)<

<my anxiety is the best it's ever been<

"emotionally i'm in the best state and I have so much clarity in the way that I think

and how I process things"


"For anyone thinking about joining, I 100% urge you to do it!"

Alison Herrod:


"I was blown away"


"The impact that going though the academy has had on me and my family has been immense"


"I've turned my life around"


"i would recommend everyone to take that step"

30 Day money back guarantee!


An incredible money back guarantee is offered, so that all of the risk is removed for you.

As women, maybe mothers, we worry about investing in ourslef...we've been there too

We want you to have 100% confidence in this choice so here's what we offer...


You can come in to the academy, have the first 4 of our life changing modules, attend 4 LIVE action calls, 4 accountability calls, have your 1:1 Life design accelerator call to create the roadmap for your new life

AND THEN.....if it's not right for you we will give you every penny back!


Stop watching as everyone else flies in life... It's YOUR TURN to stop struggling and soar....


The cost to turn your life around is small in comparrison to the cost of doing nothing.


See you on the inside....

Love Maria xxx 

Member Benefits

  • Apply proven strategies that mean that you will finally achieve that goal you’ve been promising yourself
  • World leading resources for creating instant, measurable and sustainable progress in your life
  • Access to our amazing community of women, all on their own improvement journey

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