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Our most exclusive programme for women who are serious and commited to improving their life. 

Life Momentum is an experience like no other, while being centered around strong guiding values, we are dedicated to your progress and commited to making sure you are having fun along the way.

Maria and I have a range of coaching, mentoring and leadership skills that we utilise, with absolute clarity to hold you in the greatest vision for your life. Our deep intuition allows us to support you compassionately while also being able to lead you into your most confident, authentic self. Our life experience as mothers, combined with our background in Nursing and Midwifery and our role as transformation coaches for the 5th largest organisation in the world, means that we have an aladdins cave FULL of skills, tools, resources and strategies to ensure 100% results for all of our women, willing to comit to action.

How would your life change if you were able to:


  1. Exchange stress, overwhelm and exhaustion for clarity, control and alignment
  2. Finally get off the hamster wheel and start achieving lasting success in every area of your life 

Sound good?

Benefits of joining:  The Life Momentum Academy!


Joining Life Momentum puts a stake in the ground  for who you are and what you really desire form your life. Over 12 weeks you will MASTER the art of fulfilment and the science of achievement through a combination of experiential learning, group coaching, mentoring and 1:1 sessions.

The transformation this programme will deliver, includes getting your body into a peak physical condition, that you can sustain. You will also experience how life feels when you have the mindset, Identity and beliefs to live every single day in a positive emotional state. 

While the focus of the programme is on rapid mind and body transformation, we are clear about the purpose, you see it is ONLY though achieving strong foundations in your mind and body that you can start to experence true life momentum; You can expect relationships to flourish, strengthen and become more connected than ever, career and business opportunities to arise, the possibility of financial rewards as well as untold levels of growth and contribution to offer to those around you.

Life momentum is compromised of three transformational phases:

Phase 1 (vision to Action) You will set a clear vision for your life, uncover meaningful purpose that will be like rocket fuel for your progress and set actionable goals for who you are becoming and what your life will look like in 12 months time! Additionally, you will learn through experinece the 4 science based principals that underpin ALL effective action, to ensure that you get to your goals in the quickest amount of time possible- these are world leading strategies that the most successful people use to get to their goals (These are simple, actionable and most importantly effective steps to execute week on week).

Phase 2 (Self Mastery) You will rewire the old stories and beliefs that have been holding you back and begin creating new, empowering belief systems that align with all of the goals you have set for your life. You will learn about the 6 fundamental needs we ALL have and uncover the healthy and unhealthy ways that you are currently meeting your needs. This process will expose some of the EXACT causes of failed attempts at change, as well as expose why you have been stuck in some negative repeating patterns in your own thoughts and relationships. Reprogramming the way you meet your needs which will accelerate the results you want from life. During this phase you will also learn to understand your emotional triggers,  and apply the thinking and techniques that will help you manage them in the long and short term- Every person has the potential to create peak emotional fitness- this knowledge, when applied, really is key to a happy and fulfiled life.

Phase 3 (Turning your Thermostat Up) You will learn the art of healthy relationships. We explore everything from dealing with conflict and difficult conversations to how to set boundaries to avoid giving your time and energy at your own expense. You learn the skill of identifying and dulling out the noise in life so you can create the peace, progress and fulfilment you really desire and get around the kind of people that will turn your thermostat up.Finally, once you have tested and learned all of the key changes that work for YOU;  your mind and your body over the 12 weeks we finish off by future proofing your achievements; You will learn the power of creating systems (routines) in your life that make it easy to repeat these actions over time and turn them into habits for lifetime success. 

Due to the focused and supportive nature of the programme, our cohorts are limited to ONLY 20 spaces. This means that in addition to changing your life, you will form relationships with like minded women, that you can share, connect and show up fully with, knowing that everyone is clapping and cheering for you to win. 

Quite simply put, Life Momentum is an investment in you, an investment in your hopes and dreams and the life that you know you should be living.

At some stage there won't be any more time to invest.

Start your journey towards true Life Momentum....

Let us come and support you to get back to you. Your true essence. The woman you were before the world told you who it thought you should be.

No matter where you are now, you're ready! You'll notice the benefits instantly! Where ever you are in your improvement journey- we’ll meet you right there.

Just for a second, think about how you will feel at the end of 2019 having achieved massive success and progress in your life. How will that improve your confidence, your beliefs about yourself, your relationships and your emotions.

It's time to get out of your head and start to feel good - it's your responsibility to be happy!

What exactly will you recieve?…

  • LIVE training, every week. There will be no learning on your own, trawling through big overwhelming courses or text books, we create a learning experience that is interactive, engaged, clear and simple to understand.
  • 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring-In order to get the best results in the quickest time, we know the power of 1:1 coaching is what you need, you can make more progress in one sesssion, than you may make in one year from having expert mentoring and coaching. You will recieve THREE 1:1 sessions over the 12 weeks to keep the momentum flowing rapidly. 
  • Group Coaching Q&A EVERY week. Every week you will have the opportunity to get our eyes on your progress, receive coching, mentoring and strategies for compounding your progress week on week.
  • Access to our closed facbook group and empowering community of women. Proximity is Power and your power is about to soar! Your group of peers is about to turn your identity thermostat up to 100. You will spend 12 weeks surrounded by incredible like minded, authentic women all on the same journey as you. imagine people who can be happy for your success, people who you will inspire by the action and results you will create in your life. 
  • Downloadable workbooks- Our promise is that there will be no content for contents sake. If and when we feel it is necessary, you will receieve downloadable workbooks, worksheets and templates to use during our LIVE sessions.
  • Unlimited access to templates and recources- All of the live content, work books and resources will be located in a unique members area on our website which you will have access to when you join the programme
  • Receive dicounts on our coaching programmes and 1:1 services.
  • If you know you're an action taker and you sign up NOW, you will recieve our Big Action Bonus!!
  • All clients who come through the Life Momentum Academy will have the opportunity to continue working with us through our monthly membership. This membership is ONLY open to people who have come through our programmes, it offers the opportunity for ongoing coaching, remaining connected with the community, as well as access to all of the updated course content. The monthly price for this membership would be 24.99 per month. 
  • If you sign up today you will recieive 9 months FREE membership (saving £224!)
  • Meaning that for the price of our 12 week programme, you will secure a YEARS worth of coaching, content AND community. Don't miss this!

All of this for ONLY £499 or 6 x monthly payments of £98 if you choose the payment plan.

Join The Life Momentum Academy! 

Member Benefits

  • Apply proven strategies that mean that you will finally achieve that goal you’ve been promising yourself
  • World leading resources for creating instant, measurable and sustainable progress in your life
  • Access to our amazing community of women, all on their own improvement journey

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