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Not surprisingly most parents (of which I used to be one of them)make the same mistake of feeling guilty when they take time out for themselves. Even worse, they don't take anytime out for themselves at all.


Strangely the same parents over the years reported the feeling of being overwhelmed, busy , at the end of their tether , disconnected and had a sense of failure in relation to their children. 

                                                                          It shouldn't be this Way

This might even be you right now! Especially in these unusual times of 'Lockdown Restrictions, Homeschooling , trying to work and homeschool amongst everything else.Saying this, there always seems to be the parents all around us that seem to have it all.Recognise them? It may well be an illusion or......

                                                               What is it that they have figured out?

                                                                           One Word: SELFCARE

Just take a look at some of the parents you may look up to.Think of some famous parents, do you think that they feel guilty when they are taking time out for themselves...........Absolutely NOT and rightly so....

                                                                   It probably seems silly to consider.

Imagine what it could do for your family if you could be comfortable in taking time for yourself. When you feel calm and feel connected to your children, your children are happy, carefree and live their Life with confidence. 

But for a moment consider the alternative. Where do you think your relationship with your child will be in 12 months time , even at the end of 'Lockdown' if you do not take the time to practice and apply Selfcare to your Everyday routines. Hope will not get you what you want in terms of the relationship with your child. It is worth thinking about as ........


                       Its Your Choice .... If you want to take ACTION right now and have a chat with Maria (FREE) let's Go...


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